Fostering an Environment of Learning

Our School provides

  • An environment which builds on each child’s strengths and most absorbing interests, enhancing the child’s sense of self
  • An atmosphere which encourages self-regulation so children can become aware of their behaviors and how those behaviors affect others
  • An environment that challenges children’s intellectual capacity by encouraging them to explore their own interests and better understand themselves and the world around them.

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Teachers are constantly aware of the child’s growth and development: physically, emotionally, socially, intellectually, and ethically. Play is the child’s most important means of gathering, organizing and internalizing knowledge, as well as negotiating conflicts with others. Through the use of Emergent Curriculum, children follow their own interests to begin observing, discovering, exploring, experimenting, experiencing, supposing, pretending and dreaming, which are all crucial to the development of an open attitude toward learning.

Classrooms are planned to stimulate curiosity. Well-defined areas of interest present a learning environment within which each child may create his/her own structure for learning. Spaces are designed to attract and delight children and to lead them to discovery. We encourage family participation and input into our program, and maintain an open-door policy to allow parents to visit their children at school whenever they wish. We believe that true learning comes only when parents and teachers maintain a strong partnership that encourages and supports each child’s ability to connect home with school and in turn with the world.

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