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    Where learning comes naturally!

    Our School is a private, licensed, non-profit, non-partisan, interracial, integrated program in Glenwood Springs, Colorado serving children aged 6 weeks to 6 years and their families. Our School’s mission is to provide the best Early Childhood program for children when they are away from their parents, and our developmentally-oriented program provides an equally important service to parents while they work.

    * PLEASE NOTE: There is a wait list for new student admission into Our School.

      3126 Grand Ave.
      Glenwood Springs, CO 81601
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      (970) 947-0636
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      Mon – Fri
      8:00 am – 5:00 pm


    6 Weeks -18 Months/Walking Independently


    1 and Walking to 3 Years Old


    3-6 Years Old

    Why Our School
    Nursery & Preschool

    Classrooms are planned to stimulate curiosity. Well-defined areas of interest present a learning environment within which each child may create his/her own structure for learning.

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    A strong belief in children and families dominates the philosophy of Our School. Our School is a developmentally oriented program which views its mission as providing the BEST early childhood educational program for children while they are away from their parents, while providing an equally important service to parents while they work.

    Our Program

    Our School provides an environment which builds on each child's strengths and most absorbing interests, enhancing the child's sense of self.


    The Land of Mine. The toddler room is for children aged 1 year (and walking) until 3 years old.

    Our School is a supplement to, not a substitute for, each child’s family. Our goal is to provide a quality preschool experience for any child, including those with challenges, whether they be physical, emotional, or developmental. We strive to provide quality care that is available, affordable, and accessible to all families living and working in the Roaring Fork Valley.

    Preschool Playground

    A place to explore. Outdoor play is needed for children to develop physically, emotionally and socially!


    With so many activities, fun and games, Our School is a great place to make lifetime friends and memories.

    Your Children

    Our atmosphere encourages self-regulation so children can become aware of their behaviors and how those behaviors affect others, Our environment challenges children’s intellectual capacity by encouraging them to explore their own interests and better understand themselves and the world around them.

    • We encourage family participation and input into our program
    • We maintain an open-door policy to allow parents to visit their children at school whenever they wish
    • We believe that true learning comes only when parents and teachers maintain a strong partnership
    • We encourage and support each child’s ability to connect home with school and in turn with the world around him/her
    • Safety

      Teachers are constantly aware of the child’s well-being and growth and development: physically, emotionally, socially, intellectually, and ethically. PLAY is recognized as the child’s most important means of gathering, organizing and internalizing knowledge as well as negotiating conflicts with others.

    • Happiness

      Through the use of Emergent Curriculum, children follow their own interests to begin observing, discovering, exploring, experimenting, experiencing, supposing, pretending and dreaming which are all crucial to the development of an open attitude toward learning.

    • Education

      Classrooms are planned to stimulate curiosity. Well-defined areas of interest present a learning environment within which each child may create his/her own structure for learning. Spaces are designed to attract and delight children and to lead them to discovery.

    Your children’s education and wellfare are our main priorities

    Non-Discrimination Policy: Our School does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, gender, religion, age, ethnic origin, color, disability or culture. Our School strives to create a diverse community which recognizes and celebrates our differences. Our classrooms teach respectful interaction and communication between individuals of all ages and backgrounds in a caring environment which encourages friendship and the exploration of our similarities and differences. With respect comes compassion and empathy.

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