Esmeralda Marquez

Toddler Room Teacher

Hi, my name is Esmeralda Marquez. The kids know me by Esme (short and easy). I was born and raised in Las Cruces, New Mexico, a very HOT city, with my parents and three siblings: two sisters, one brother.  As a child, I always knew my purpose in life and in my heart is to work with children. I have been with Our School since May 2014, a week before graduating from Glenwood Springs High School. Prior to that, my junior and senior year of high school was in a class called, Service Learning which, allowed me to go into Glenwood Springs Elementary School and become the teacher’s helper. In the summer of 2015, I had taken an interest in becoming a nursing aide. Fortunately, that didn’t work out because being a teacher is my nature calling :) I have been in this field for about five years now - I enjoy every minute of it.

I’m currently taking Early Childhood Education courses, at Colorado Mountain College to better my lifetime career. I look forward to what the next day brings. Thank you for allowing me to learn and play each day with your precious jewels!