Dona Smith

Preschool Teacher

Hello, Students and Parents!  Since working at OUR School since 2013,  I have connected with the children who are super and felt embraced by the families. I would like to let you all know a little bit about me. I count myself very lucky to be part of such a wonderful program here, it's the best school I've found in the valley. I believe that as a community we, the parents, students, and staff, can work together in concert to best serve the children. I have been an early childhood educator for over ten years, though I also have a degree in art and design.  Aside from being a side interest, this discipline serves well our creativity and imagination in the classroom. Also my experience with "Highscope," "Creative Curriculum," and "Montessori" paradigms, and, in particular, tactile development provide a wealth of original, age appropriate activities for the classroom. My heart has always been in teaching. Even when I was working in the design field, I was a volunteer art class teacher at my son's elementary school (he's now in college) and I contributed my designs and work for brochures, posters and flyers for a proposition to bring back recess to Georgia's public schools. I treat each child as an individual, patiently and kindly helping them through our curriculum. I show respect and consistency which, in turn, gains their respect. I really enjoy working with children in developing creative thinking techniques that will lead to a more fulfilling life at home and in the years to come. I look forward to spending more time with all of you and am excited to watch your children develop and grow. I am so happy to be back in Colorado. I spend a lot of my time riding my bike and taking photographs. My son was born here and I feel like I have come full circle. It is truly beautiful here and it feels like home.